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Yunsheng Culture

Core value

pc蛋蛋Be a man respected by others, and be a enterprise recognized by the society

Company spirit

Make everyday worthy

Company mission

Stick to the advanced material, new energy and smart manufacturing industry,
and devote to the development of energy efficiency green and digital product

Company prospect

Being the leading role in the industry

Standard for a man respected by others

I. staff standard
Concept: understand the condition, abide by the rules, protect the reputation and be thankful for the Company
Position: understand the responsibility, work hard, have professional skill and complete the related work
Business: Observe the technology, follow the process, be cohesive and be friendly
Words and deeds: Dress appropriately, be good-mannered, be well behaved and speak decently
Family: respect to parents, love spouse, educate child and be close to neighbourhood
Society: observe laws and regulations, know black from white, advocate morality and uphold healthy tendencies
II. Leader standard
Concept: Aim high, be broad minded, be good at overcoming difficulties dare to be the first
Personal integrity: Dare to assume their responsibility, avoid misconduct and favouritism
Profession: be familiar with management, good at innovation, be professional in business and dare to develop
Horizontal: Be duteous, regard the overall situation, avoid any act beyond one's authority, and positive in substitution
For subordinate: strict in management, diligent in education, amiable in attitude and sincere in attitude
For higher authorities: suggest with respect, be faithful and have own standpoint
III. Standard for senior management
Morality: attach importance to friendship, control selfish desire, improve moral integrity and indifferent to fame and wealth
Temperament: bear integrity credit and love in mind
Concept: be benevolence inside and polite outside, with modest temper and strong will
Group: work together with the same objective, speak without reserve and implement the decision
Act: act with discretion, think according to overall situation, arrange generally and have long-term consideration
Treat others: Be broad-minded fair with others, know other well and be positive in impart

Standard for a enterprise recognized by the society

To client: be credit, attach importance to service and create value
To shareholder: know the mission, make all effort and create good return
To staff: stick to the principle of Human based, strengthen the talent education and develop together
To supplier: be credit for mutual benefit
To resource: optimum energy utilization and promote sustainable development
To environment: protect environment and pursue ecological balance
To government: strengthen the communication and share their burden while abide by the rules
To society: take social responsibilities and promote social harmony